Installation of off grid systems in Lazio

Alternative to standard network’s plug in

Among services offered is also guaranteed full installation of off grid systems in Lazio, best solution to provide electricity to all those who have no access to network. It is in fact a solution completely autonomous, that produces energy only for people to whom it is connected in a direct way, by means of a secure supply given by energy of sun. 

The off grid system takes care of storing energy produced and providing it only when necessary: not being connected to network for various reasons, such as being in an inaccessible area, or by choice, no longer means having to give up electricity or spending high bills for an ad hoc connection, but off grid systems also represents a way to break free from contracts and bills, with taxes that drive up monthly bills. All over the world today off grid is experiencing a real boom, not only concerning developing countries with difficulties related to power supply but also in advanced countries.

Self Production

Installation of off grid systems in Lazio, in a sense, is technologically advanced heir to a practice of self-production already spread all over the world since some time ago, given that self-generators, oil or diesel, for development of electricity are located all over world, useful when network does not give sufficient reliance, as in Third World countries. But off grid systems are of great interest for those who want energy produced, getting paid by him/herself in a short time investment with self-consumption, reducing network and electricity bills.

Thanks to batteries of off grid system, which serve to temporarily accumulate energy produced to make it available at other times, it is possible not to bear all costs related to connection or have to follow continuous regulatory adjustments, to establish, concerning scale off grid systems, actual independent power grids, with more and more advanced competitive energy storage systems.

Installation off grid systems Lazio OFF GRID