Technology applied on photovoltaic systems

Solutions designed by company regarding photovoltaic both on grid and off grid are based on most advanced technology in renewable energy sector, with great attention to quality and use of most advanced methodologies and innovations, for great service from every point of view. Installation of photovoltaic panels guaranteed by company will make final client independent from an energetic point of view and take advantage of most amazing, free and powerful source of energy: the sun.


Maintenance and cleaning of installations

To maintain peak performance of panels, company offers targeted services, which can both monitor status of devices and make different types of maintenance, preventive or corrective, always making use of very advanced techniques, such as washing panels with demineralized water, for perfect functioning of any installed system.


Installing renewable energy in Lazio

To start saving, and to defend the environment

Company specialized in installation of renewable energy in Lazio, it was founded in November 2011 and is headquartered in Montalto di Castro. Firm operates in construction, management and maintenance of photovoltaic and industrial plants, also providing technical and managerial support based on customized solutions for different phases of management and maintenance of facilities, with management savings and increase in returns. Company offers turnkey solutions for various uses, perfect for those looking for an advanced solution with high added value for supply of clean, renewable energy for their own business.

Ates Energy, since 2011 photovoltaic specialists in Lazio

Experts in installation of renewable energy in Lazio have been for years a reality in industry and immediately sttod out for quality of service and reliability of solutions by applying their knowledge and technical expertise to provide installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems standard on and off grid, using most advanced technologies available on market and a workforce of high quality, highly qualified and formed, made up of technicians and skilled workers, construction experts, commissioning and operation of photovoltaic and industrial plants. 

A comprehensive service that allows to have implants always perfectly functioning due to maintenance both ordinary and extraordinary, with customized and tailor-made solutions that take into account specific needs of customers to be satisfied at best.

From installation of systems to their monitoring and maintenance

Professionalism and competence have always been main characteristics of these professionals in constantly evolving field of installation of renewable energy in Lazio, providing a wide range of services ranging from actual installation of photovoltaic plants on and off grid, to maintenance , both preventive and corrective, and monitoring, intervention always executed thanks to know-how of a capable staff, cohesive, knowledgeable and informed about latest industry news. 

Company offers a complete service and structures its activities to ensure best management system operation, allowing to have solutions for renewable energy of extraordinary value, to access full potential of sun to enpower its activities. An affordable, sustainable and highly technological way to meet energy needs of each type of client.



Ates Energy

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Installation of renewable energy in Lazio Ates Energy

Advanced technology in the renewable energy sector