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Corrective maintenance plants Lazio

Corrective maintenance of the plants in Lazio

Timeliness and efficiency

Corrective maintenance of plants in Lazio happens when, with remote monitoring or by detection of certain problems with preventive maintenance, a rapid and speedy intervention aimed at solving a problem of any kind is needed. Normally these interventions are very rare because with the monitoring and proper preventive maintenance is done in order not to run into that type of situation, but it is always possible anomaly or an operation, for which a solution or an immediate correction is needed . 

It must be said that many of the classic problems of a photovoltaic system are solved on the ground thanks to the use of certain good practices by the company. One of the examples is that of the washing of the panels themselves, which is carried out precisely to prevent the dirt (or the salt, in the cases of installations in the vicinity of marine locations) produce an annoying “shadow” effect resulting in decreased productivity. This cleaning is done by the specialists of the company, with demineralized water which is free of calcium, calcium, metals, contaminants and also desalinated, and therefore not conducive to the formation of scale deposits and shadows, thus ensuring maximum energy efficiency .

Use of thermographic analysis for maintenance

Even thermographic analysis allows to seize anyone of single cell performance decreases, so to better monitor panels and their proper functioning. 

In case where, for example, thermographic analysis detects an abnormality, the correctivemaintenance of the installations in Lazio operates at level of excellence, doing so to return each single cell and each panel to its full functionality, and intervening in any other case on the various components of the system, such as on the cabins, transformers, electrical switchboards and the components. 

Fortunately it comes to interventions for the vast majority of cases inexpensive and very fast, also because the lack of moving parts inside of photovoltaic systems, unlike more traditional equipment, decreases drastically the possibility of an unexpected failure. With professionalism and kindness, company ensures that there is immediate remedy for any kind of obstacle that should be found.